Staying Connected is Monkey Business

As a parent, its difficult enough dealing with a sick child. Not only do you have to worry about the illness, treatments and your lives being turned upside down, but your child is at a crucial point in their social development and their classroom is key to that development.

Monkey in My Chair provides the tools to maintain the social interactions with classmates all the while making the transition in and out of the classroom less tramatic.

When enrolling in the Monkey in My Chair program, each child is provided with a "monkey kit" which includes a big stuffed monkey that takes their place in school when they are unable to be there. The kits include the monkey with a backpack, a book to help teachers explain to students the situation their classmate is facing and how it affects them, teacher companion guide, along with other items that can be utilized by the child and/or their classmates.

In addition to each "Monkey Kit," each child will be given online access to Monkey Message. Monkey Message is an online component that allows the sharing of pictures and documents to ensure the line of communication stays open between the patient and the classroom. Included in the Monkey Message portal are regular educational activities for the classroom and patients to do that help to foster interaction of students while incorporating key educational tools.

All kits are sent out at no cost to the families or hospitals. Whether your child is out two days or two months, Monkey in My Chair will benefit your family, your child's class, and most importantly your child by fostering interaction with patients and their classroom.

Due to the large number of kit requests we receive, it is necessary we narrow these down to qualified requests only. The following criteria below must be met to receive the kit:

The child must...
- Currently be undergoing treatment for cancer
- Be between the ages of 4 and 11

If your child meets the above requirements - Click Here To Receive the Kit.

Unfortunately, if you do not meet the requirements we do offer kits to be purchased here.

Please Notice

The Cure Starts Now is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Only children who are battling cancer are eligible to receive a free Monkey In My Chair kit. We reserve the right to seek approval of the request from the attending physician and may refrain from fulfilling requests we feel are Illegitimate. Due to the mass number of kit requests we receive, if we are unable to fulfill all requests immediately a request will be placed on a waiting list. Illegitimate requests keep us from being able to send kits to children on this list, those who truly deserve them, and may hinder our ability to maintain sending kits at no cost. Because of this, we ask that you only request a kit if your situation meets our requirements, and if you feel your child truly will benefit from our program. Unfortunately, we do have individuals seek kits that do not actually need them for their intended use. It is because of this that we research the information you provide, making it important you provide us with as much information as possible. Thank you for your understanding. Thank you for your understanding.