We Need Your Help!

Monkey in My Chair is made possible through sponsorships and donations. If you would like to help us put a monkey in the loving arms of a child battling cancer then click on a button below to get started.

Make a Donation Sponsor a Kit


Looking for other ways to help raise money for Monkey in My Chair? Check out some fundraiser ideas below then contact us to get started, and help spread monkeys nationwide.

Monkey Chain

Monkey Chain is a fun and easy way to connect to a child battling cancer by connecting monkeys across your school. Children donate money and for every dollar they donate, they get to add a monkey to the monkey chain. Set a school wide goal to have the chain reach from one end of the school to another. Contact us to get materials and more ideas to make the event a success! Email us to get started!

Monkey Munchies!

Host a bake sale at your school to help raise money. Bake sales are great to do after a school event like a game, concert or presentation. Ask families to bring in baked goods and sell the items for a donation. Contact us to get started, for some great banana baked goods recipes or to get other materials to cook up hope for a cure.